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Welcome to the GIS Archive. Here you can find various documents and links regarding our GIS efforts here within the County of Contra Costa. We have three main GIS groups within the County: the Policy Committee ,the GTAC and the GIS County Coordination Group. You can reference any of these group's meeting minutes by clicking on their links or accessing their pages in the Employee Resource menu.

Each year the GIS Policy Committee prepares a list of GIS project priorities based on the recommendations from the GTAC. These are the projects that Contra Costa will be working on during the 2005/2006 year.
Contra Costa County staff, if you would like to sign up for one of this year's priority projects please review the GIS Project Overviews , fill out a Project Proposal Form and submit your form to the Geographic Information Officer, John Huie

Contra Costa County has adopted a Countywide naming convention for our spatial data. Through the work of our Community Development Department and VESTRA, we have developed a standardized naming convention for our large collection of both file-based (i.e. shapefiles) and geodatabase layers.
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